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Thursday, February 11, 2016

+ 16 days = - 41 days?

This is +16 following total knee replacement.  My first knee surgery was a great success with a nice rate of healing.  This second knee replacement is moving at an even better pace.  Sixteen days following surgery I can walk for fifteen minutes on a treadmill, easily.  Yesterday I was doing the stationary bike as well as the elliptical machine.  No, not at the speeds of an athlete but not bad for a 69 yr old sedentary blogger.

Now is time for a new focus.  Certainly I will continue the therapy and move into outpatient therapy but the focus will be Amsterdam on March 23.  Well, we fly out on the 23rd and will arrive on the 24th.  What will be the best things to see on the two days of free time in Amsterdam?  Anne Frank house and the Van Gogh museum. There is already a walking tour planned by the cruise company.  And of course there must be some shopping!  And lunch and dinner meals to two days.  Ok, my blogger friends in Europe I am needing suggestions!

We will have 23 additional days in various cities along the Rhine, Main and Danube rivers to enjoy Europe.  Now I need to be doing a countdown to the day we drive to Dallas.  And to take time to thank the Creator for guiding this old worn out knee person to a brilliant surgeon, staff and recovery health professionals!

Today is now day - 41 till departure......
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