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Sunday, February 28, 2016

+ 35 - 22

Did not get the to do list done today.  Did get multiple accounts reconciled along with making some cheesy broccoli soup.  I did the cooking cause Hubby is worn to a nub.  Taking care of me is more than any one person could be expected to do.  In addition there are several activities for grandsons.  A leaky fridge at the Son's.  A few days of dog sitting over the last 5 weeks meant up and down during the night hours.  Poor guy just had to crash this afternoon.

Did you watch the Oscars?  I did from red carpet to the very end.  We actually did see a few of the movies that were in the mix, "The Martian" and "Inside Out".  Pretty sure both were seen with Sister during one of our many visits to the Dallas area last year.  As for the Oscars, I did enjoy seeing the dresses and even the cuts of the guys suits.  Looks like 'Mad Max' probably garnered the largest number of awards.  And you go, Sam Smith!  Finally for Leo d'C.

Maybe one of the biggest things I will enjoy about Europe is no political ads!  With Super Tuesday coming to Texas this week, TV is full of all the mud slinging ads.  One can hardly see past the signs that line every intersection.  Yep, ready for some sight seeing and hopefully very little politics.

With a 10 AM physical therapy appointment, guess I had best wish all a good nights rest. Hope to see you in the comments section.  And if you are looking for haiku, go to Thought Prints.
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