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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Waves of Memories

July, 1984
Several years ago I spent most of one summer scanning and organizing one box of Mom's photos.  Mom had about 3 or 4 of these boxes.  Plus albums where the pages have stuck to the photos.  Scanning the remaining photos was to have been my winter project last year and the year before.  It has not happened.  I scanned the 50th wedding anniversary album last winter shortly after Mom passed away.  That was all I could do because it was just too soon.  This year's surprise knee replacement has supplanted all projects.

The rehab of the knee requires exercise followed by lying with an ice pack machine wrapped around the knee.  Lying and scanning do not really work together too well.  However, lying and watching the little digital photo frame that is full of photos from previous scans and digital cameras has proven entertaining.  The frame was a Christmas gift we gave to Mom probably 8 years ago.  She loved it and called it a Rol-a-dex.

The photos linger for about 15 seconds.  Just long enough to generate a memory.  I felt I was lying on a sandy beach with a gentle wave washing across my soul.  Each wave accompanied by an aunt, uncle, sibling, niece, nephew, friend or child.  I lay basking in the warmth of the memories.  Treasured bits of the past that have created the mosaic of life.  A life filled with all sorts of events, feelings, and experiences.

Twenty-eight days out from the surgery it feels my family has been here to help me heal.  Encouraging each step of recovery as each photo watches in silence.  Again, I lie back with the comfort of the cold on my knee and relish each wave.  Gently rocked by the memories in waves of thought.

Mom and Dad's 50th wedding anniversary waiting line.
Arleigh and Mary Rogers' family, July, 1984

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