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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sewing Is a Satisfying Hobby

With all the holiday busyness one would think sewing would be the last thing on my mind.  But, alas, some of the gifts I gave were indeed items I made.  Three years ago my husband encouraged me to purchase a new sewing machine.  My Singer that I bought in 1967 needed several parts and a newer machine, likewise, need repairs.  So we bit the bullet and made the investment in a closeout model of a Pfaff at our local "Quilt Sampler" store.

Mom in 1933 in one of her
My mother was with me the day we made the sewing machine purchase.  She was almost as excited as I was.  My mother has sewn most of her 94 years.  A neighbor lady taught her to make her own patterns when she was very young.  Mom was only 15 when she married and she had been sewing several years before then.

Mom at my wedding in outfit she made.
1967 Adcock wedding.  Mom made all attendant, flower girl & jr. usher outfits.
Mom made all kinds of dresses for my three sisters and I.  Did all the bridesmaids dresses, her dress and hat as well as white dinner jackets for my nephews for my wedding.  She created the pattern for my youngest sisters wedding gown.  And then made the dress and all the bridesmaids dresses, too.  

Powell wedding.  All dresses were made by my mom.

Mom working on bridesmaids sashes
for her granddaughter's wedding, 2007.
My niece's wedding in 2007 marked Mom's swan song for wedding attire.  She made sashes for the ready made bridesmaids dresses.  For a tribute to my Mom's sewing you can read my post of March 18, 2012.  Due to failing health and a broken wrist 2 years ago, Mom's Singer sits idle these days.

One of the big, driving forces for Gene to encourage me in the investment was language.  Yes, language.  My less than stellar language when attempting to use the newer, inexpensive Singer machine. I cursed.  I yelled.  I cried in frustration at thread backlash.  Skipped stitches would bring torrents of condemnation on the poor, needing repair machine.  I had recommendations for places to put the machine like landfills, ditches and dumpsters.

Working on puppets for church in Honduras. 
Today the sewing project was a sling for our log hauler thingie to help keep log trash off the new carpet.  Reference posts from June through August of 2012 for the complete carpet story.  But I digress.  Only one time did I have to re-thread due to a problem  And it was not the machine's issue.  I pushed the thickness a little too much.  At some point during the 6 or 7 hours of sewing, Gene noted how much different it was for him when I sew now.  A much quieter and calmer atmosphere was his observation.

Well, I still make plenty of boo boos that have to be ripped out and re done.  But all and all I really enjoy the business of making things.  No pattern, just an idea, an object, some extra material and a wonderful sewing machine makes sewing a satisfying hobby for me.

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