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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Five Missions for 2013

The Spin Cycle challenge this week is to come up with five "missions", not resolutions, for 2013.  I read some of the other spinners missions.  Oh, my, they are being energetic and really good humans.  That is a pretty ambitious goal, five missions, especially for a grumpy 66 year old.  But let me give it a swing.

  1. Garden pond:  rebuild the sides of the stream and change out the lava filtration system.  Sounds simple enough.  I have not accomplished it in the last three years so Dec, 2013 will tell.
  2. Scan & catalog project (good cold weather project) 
    1. Gene's family.  There are two plastic storage containers filled with photos and slides.  This will take a while!
    2. Rogers family.  While I had almost half of the photos in my possession done last April, the May computer crash lost almost all of the scans and rework.  I was cursing angry with myself over the loss.  This will be pretty much the final phase as I have scanned a couple thousand photos and documents.
  3. Back up computer monthly or after large amount of data added which ever comes first.
  4. No "optional" surgeries for me or Gene this year.  I have much control over this.  We each underwent optional knee replacement last year.  Gene had another hospitalization with pulmonary clot which was not optional.  I had an optional procedure in mid December.  Unless it is life threatening, I am not "fixing it" in 2013.
  5. Sewing projects
    1. Finish all garments currently "cut out".  I have a child size 8 outfit ready to sew for our 39 year old son.  I hope it will fit his 6 yr old son.
    2. Reduce to one drawer all uncut fabric.  I have fabric I moved from Aurora to Springfield 20 years ago.  Get it cut into 9" squares and donate to a local charity that makes blankets for the homeless.

Now I need to rest from all the work of thinking up just a few of the missions for me in 2013.

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  1. These are all excellent and I think totally doable! My mother used to sew and always had a PILE of "cut out" projects that she never finished! Good luck with that!

    You are linked.

  2. Great missions! I look forward to seeing pics of the finished pond! I think you should have your son try to get into that size 8 outfit! I put things away for long periods of time and pick them up later so I can see this happening to me!

  3. The little quote you have about the fabric made me laugh! My mom just loved buying fabric, and my sister and I inherited it when she died. I am incorporating it into my quilting, and I love the peace it brings me when I am sewing. I feel connected with her still!

    Wonderful missions for 2013!


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