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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Fool's Attitude Is Mine

Gun Appreciation Day.  Wonder if this is to become an annual holiday?  Like President's Day.  Maybe we can look forward to Hallmark ciphering lovely cards.  Obviously the front will be a ducks, deer and possibly clay disks all in lovely country settings.  Woodlands, wetlands and other fabulous vistas.  

Wonder what the greeting will be inside?  Maybe something along the line of, "Wishing you a bang up time."  "Looking forward to shooting more than just the breeze with you."  "May your aim be true and your freezer be full."

My great grandfather Jones' double barrel shotgun has hung in the hallway of every home I have lived in since about 1969.  In a family of daughters for some reason Daddy decided I would receive this family heirloom.  My BIL probably would have been a more logical choice as he is an avid sportsman.  He has kept his family fed by the fruits of this passion.  His three children, middle aged adults, share his passion.  I respect this passion.

I do not personally have the desire to have guns for self protection.  I know my own self well enough to know that hand gun ownership would be neither wise nor safe.  But the main reason I do not need a gun for protection is I have nothing that is worth hurting someone to keep them from taking it.  I do not sit around worrying about who is going to attack me or even my family.  I choose to not live in fear of people, or powers or principalities.  My faith is in God, that is my personal choice.  Thought it would be okay for me to give my statement since everywhere I turn others feel the need to tell me how they feel about their rights.  And that I am ignorant because I do not share their view.  Guess the fool's attitude is mine.
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