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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Why Am I Blogging?

So the more I cruise the blog-o-sphere the more I wonder what ever am I doing.  The blogs I read are so professional and informative.  Others are side splitting funny.  Some are literary achievements.  Just all sorts of talent out there for computer folks to enjoy.

My blog is neither professional, informative and seldom funny.  So why spend time typing in the clouds?  Partly as a way to just feel less isolated.  Partly to give voice to some of my thoughts.  It has proven to be a way to stay in touch with several distant friends and family.  Not that anyone comments on stuff I write but some tell me it is like sitting and visiting for a while.

Today was a time to go for a followup check up on the recent surgery.  All is going as expected by the health professionals.  I would like to have a little more energy but that will eventually come I am assured by the same health professionals.  I do know the purpose of the surgery is surely already accomplished.  So there is the update for friends that are checking up on me.

Gene is probably ready for me to have more energy.  He has been doing the bulk of the laundry, house cleaning and cooking for over 2 weeks now.  In the event I have not mentioned before, I am the luckiest woman to have him for my husband.  He referred to my Christmas wish list and purchased the shoes and orthopedic inserts.  In addition some toys/equipment for my sewing hobby.  Twenty of my favorite kind of hangers.  And some wonderful body butter rounded out the gifts.

Oooo.  I forgot to tell the story of the shoes.  While Phyllis was visiting we went on 3 shopping trips.  Gene is always a good sport to play chauffeur for most of the trips.  I asked if we could stop by Plaza Shoe Store so I could just check out the shoes and/or inserts recommended by the podiatrist.  Gene is a man who never shows emotions.  Never except when it comes to his son and grandsons.  Anyway, we go in the store and the young lady guides me to the shoe and inserts.  She disappears to look for the size of shoe I was looking to try.

There is another thing about Gene.  He likes to flirt with young women.  He teases wait persons.  He winks and cuts up with young women at church.  He has special fist bump women at church.  He is a flirt and I am good with it.  So, back to the young saleslady going to look for shoes in my size.  Gene is following her and distracting her and talking to her.  And I am thinking is that he should not be distracting the lady when she is working ......

Well, she had my shoe size which was enormous now that the health professional of feet declared I was damaging the nerves in my arch.  Whereas I measure 7 1/2 medium I need to wear 8 1/2 wide.  The shoes with the special inserts are on my feet and I am walking around testing the shoe.  That is when Gene noted the only reason she had the shoe size was because he had come in the week before and had them special ordered for my Christmas gift.  I had screwed up my Christmas surprise.  But like any good person, Gene let me wear the new shoes out of the store.  And they do feel good.

To wit, let me just say the new shoes are like wearing clown shoes.  None of my toes touch any part of the shoe.  Even when I spread them out like this.  Well, you get the idea.  I need more room to get in and out of the car with clown shoes.  The next day after the shoe shopping trip, I literally tripped through the front door of a shop during shopping trip 2.  The staff were standing by the door as I cursed the clown shoes and my inability to walk through a door.  It was a wine store and I am pretty sure they did not believe the clown shoe story.

Tomorrow I may tell about more of the holiday fun we had on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  I may even share the story of the lost in shipping gift.
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