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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

All I Did Was A Little Cleaning

Did more sorting and combining in the closet.  You are probably thinking this lady is just weird.  Well, duh!  I assume that is part of the reason you visit my blog, to see what the weird lady is doing.  It is like this.  Husband assembled the sewing table about a week ago.  Over the last few days I have been emptying boxes and plastic containers into the drawers in the sewing desk.  Any small plastic storage containers have been refilled with items that were in less durable containers.  The two actions of emptying and re-purposing of storage containers have opened up space in the bathroom closet shelves.

Room to spread out when sewing!  The ends fold in
and the extensions fold down.  18" X 18" floor space.

Anywho, besides the rearranging in the closet I did some cleaning of baseboards and doors.  Husband hung another shelf in the utility room while I was working on the apartment.  I did do vacuuming and mopping, too, cause the place was really needing it by now.  Had to stop for rests and cool downs. Seems as though yesterday's adventure in the wind and drizzle to watch Middle grandson play flag football has me coughing again today.  Small price to pay.

We are actually eating part of our meals at the breakfast counter instead of in our laps these days.  We both are doing our type of exercise on a regular basis.  This is a huge thing for both of us to be doing this almost every day.  Husband uses the treadmill and stationary bike. I do the stretching and pain management type of exercise.  Each passing day as we work to make our lifestyle and the loft apartment work together makes it feel more like where we belong.  Good thing as there is no other place for us and Husband is not moving!

With the arrival of 1099 forms we are now looking to see what else is needed for taxes.  And there are still Edna's to be dealt with this year from afar.  Or there may need to be a trip so Husband can talk face to face with the person who has handled this for decades.  Time will tell.  Hmmm.  Wonder if there would be a place to stay up there?  That is for another day.  For today all I did was a little cleaning.

Visited with my mom for a while.  She tries to cry several times during the visit over different things.  Mom has probably had a mild form of chronic depression most of my life.  (Yes, I probably brought it on. not.)  I have sort of made it my mission to help her look on a brighter side.  As she began commiserating about losing her possessions this summer, I told her of a devotion I recently read.  The scripture was about Jesus going to prepare a place for us.  As I read it I thought of Mom and how she misses her stuff.  In that moment I visualized what a magnificent room she would have in heaven.  I shared that thought with her today.  I could hear in her voice a slight joy at that thought.  Maybe I was able to do a little more than clean, maybe I helped my mom feel at least a fleeting moment of joy.

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