Saturday, January 25, 2014

Early Rising

I sleep late especially for a senior citizen.  I am rarely awake before 9 in the morning.  And my husband is not much more of an early riser either.  Part of this is because bedtime is 1 to 3 AM most nights.  This morning was different as we needed to be at the Cub Scout Pinewood Derby races by 9 AM.  We went to bed at an early midnight.  Husband set his Sonic Boom alarm clock for 7 AM.

The sound portion of the alarm clock seems to not be working.  I have not check this to verify if there is a setting incorrectly or what.  Not that I doubt Husband's assessment but we both know to recheck each other these days.  Like today we were heading home and I gently mentioned the script I need to pick up at Sam's. Sure enough, he had forgotten the conversation about the script.  It had been about 7 minutes since the conversation.  He could tell you stories about me from just today, too.

Anywho,  it may have been the fear that the sound was working but I awoke at 6:30 and began my morning stretching and exercises.   The clock struck 7 and the alarm went off setting the bed to vibrating.  Husband awoke, turned off the alarm and headed to the bathroom.  We did so good and were at the school to watch the boys cars run their races.  Youngest came in 5th in his age group.  Middle had a major problem.  His car did not make it to the finish line.  He was one unhappy scout.

Example of track used today.
There was a new speed record set with one of the little wheeled pieces of wood going the 44 feet in 3 seconds..  We are talking about some serious engineering by scouts and their parents.  There were 12 finalists that ran 12 heats.  The time were all below 3.8 seconds for the 12 cars.  That is really amazing. The races are high tech with computers attached to the start gate and photocell finish lines.  It was a pleasure to be a part of the boys experience this morning as just background onlookers.  Contact with the boys amounts to mostly a wave, a hug as they pass by on the way for donuts and a high five as we all leave.

We met up again with Son at his apartment.  He finished packing for another business trip.  This trip is to Australian cities and Singapore.  I choose to sit in the warm sun in the car while he packed.  Of course I fell soundly asleep.  I mean, mouth open, snoring and drool down my cheek asleep in the front seat of the Jeep. I was awakened by Husband's unlocking the door and asking why I had not answered my phone.  I promised I never heard it ringing.  No matter, time to get in Son's vehicle and find some lunch.

Today's lunch was at Thai Cuisine.  Yes, that is the name of the restaurant.  This was our first Thai food experience so Son gave us the basics of Thai cooking.  There are similarities with other Asian food we have eaten.  In honor of Springfield's Cashew Chicken I chose the Thai version.  It was a delightfully different dish.  Here are a few pictures of the appetizer buffet.  It was all yummy.

Wish I could tell you what these tasty bits of food are named but, alas, dead brain cells do not recall the name.  But if you are ever in the Austin area, this could be a good stop over for a meal.  It is on West Parmer.

With a request for a to go box, I took the remainder of the generous portion for my evening meal.  And with that we were back in the car and on the way to the airport.  We said bye to our only child at the curbside. Wished him safe travels and we drove away leaving him to check in by himself.  Another change from 'olden times' when one could accompany a departing person to the waiting area.  But that is a story for another day.

After leaving Son's vehicle at his apartment, we climbed into the Jeep and headed to Sam's for my script. The aforementioned gentle reminder in re the script elicited the proper response as we arrived at Sam's.  Husband stayed in the Jeep while I went in to pick up my script.  A problem with one of the customer's orders led to a lengthy wait.  Being my mother's daughter, I made a friend in line.  Eventually I returned to the Jeep.  Husband was not asleep.  He agreed for a visit to World Market two shops away from Sam's.

We managed to mostly window shop in World Market.  There were some chairs I had seen on line that I wanted him to see.  These would be dining chairs to replace the eight we sold.  Only just two chairs with the remaining being folding or stacking chairs.  A box of biscotti did find its way home with us.  We arrived home within a minute as the shopping center is just across the street from our apartment.  It was now 7 PM and we jointly declared it to be pajama time.  Two folks a little beyond middle age ready to relax from a busy day following an early rising.
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