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Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Just Visiting

 Cousin Phyllis has calmed down from 7 years ago for her first visit.  Back then she was ready to go and do morning till night.  Yesterday she was perfectly content to stay home while we ran errands.  Today just a short visit to a local attraction was sufficient.  We did go ahead and head out to The Oasis on Lake Travis.  By the time we arrived at The Oasis the clouds were cleared and sun was glittering on the lake.

View of Oasis pre-Covid restrictions

We took a backroad back to the apartment.  And now it is time to watch Wheel of Fortune.  We have all turned into a bunch of old people.  The morning was spent watching TV shows from the 1950-80's.  Those shows with a cup of coffee made for a relaxing start to the day.  

There is the background noise of our life still going on concerning the grandchildren.  The details of which involve their mother, our Son's ex wife.  I will just say that the oldest grandson now lives with our son.  Another grandson is in a therapeutic compound.  The youngest grandson has requested to live full time with his dad.  Son certainly has his hands full.  We will distract ourselves enjoying visiting with Gene's cousin.

I would have posted photos of the lake views but my computer will not 'see' the sim card.  Repairs to follow.  Talk about luck, my warranty runs out in 5 days!




  1. Hari OM
    Perhaps the side effect of covid restrictions have helped the cousin-calming? Glad you are enjoying the visitor though... sorry that the boys are having to handle further effects from 'stretched' family. YAM xx

    1. That and she is retired working only about 4 day a month. Sold her home so no upkeep responsibilities in addition to not being a full time nurse/respiratory specialist during this time. Yes, she is glad to just be chilled.

  2. I think you have to learn to chill. It doesn't always come naturally, especially if things keep happening, either in work or home life.


    1. Exactly. Go with the flow is usually my approach. It seems we are in an area of rapids. Today I am doing just that, chilling.

  3. Sounds like a relaxing time...the Oasis looks like a lovely spot for lunch! I think most families have some unpleasant background noise going on (sigh).

  4. The background noise is just life in this century. Yes, the Oasis was very relaxing.

  5. Such a beautiful photo of the resort and clouds and lake! I hope all works out for your grandsons. The past year has been extra stressful for the young as well as for us older people. Enjoy your spring weather and cousin's visit!


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