Saturday, March 17, 2018

March 17, 2018

This week sort of got away from me.  Let me see if I can even remember what we did.  Monday was a dreary, chilly day.  A good day to stay in and catch up on laundry.  That was not terribly exciting but necessary.  Time was filled in watching some Star Trek movies I had been wanting to watch.

We are expecting the cousin to arrive on March 20.  Hubby worked on getting some activities planned.  One day this past week we went to a park that has numerous bicycle trails.  Hubby and his Cuz will be exploring that park during her visit.  On the way to the park we saw bluebonnets  beginning to bloom.  Hopefully the flowers will put on a good show for Cuz.

We were invited for dinner at Son's.  That was a pleasant evening to just visit with Son and DIL.  The 3 grandsons we on trips with his ex wife.  Bonus grandson was with his dad.  The bonus granddaughter was on a trip with her boyfriend's family.  That means the house was really quite and no interruptions.  Real talk and listening.  And some work in the garage to gather stuff to take to Goodwill.

Wednesday my sister and her husband spent the afternoon and evening with us.  Dinner at Y'alls was tasty.  And we always enjoy our time with Sissy and her husband.  Plans were made for the next day.  Those plans were to help the nephew pack his apartment for a move.  That is what we did for about 6 hours.  Loaded the three hatchback vehicles to the top and headed for his new place.  Then we unpacked most all of the boxes.  Hubby had dinner waiting when I arrived home around 7 PM.  I crashed and burned on Friday.  Just slept on and off all day. 

That comes to today, St. Patty's Day.  Just some straightening around the apartment, more laundry an steps.  Oh, step count update.  Getting better each day.  The count is up to 4000 - 5000 steps.  Today is 6600.  And no discomfort.  So that is what I've done this past week. 

Saturday, March 10, 2018

March 10, 2018

Yesterday Hubby made us some $$$.  Well, he retrieved our money some would say.  He filed out federal taxes.  All the federal taxes we had paid were refunded.  The only direct taxes we pay are sales tax.  Texas does not have a personal property tax.  The auto tags are more expensive than in Missouri which makes up the difference. Real estate taxes are some of the highest in the nation.  The Austin area ranks in the top 50 cities with the highest real estate taxes.  While we do not own our apartment we still pay the tax indirectly in our rent each month. 

Taxes are hated by so many folks.  We have never gotten too excited about them.  After all we use the roads and other infrastructures.  We attended public schools as has our son and grandchildren.  We have had help from police and firemen at different points in our lives.  And I do love indoor plumbing and running water at the turn of a knob.  Taxes are the cost of these conveniences and services.  We paid our share of income taxes in the past.  Should I have income in the future that requires paying taxes, I will do it willfully.

Politics are just all over us this year.  The entire House of Representatives is up for election this year.  The primaries are over with the exception of a couple of run off elections where no one received 50% of the vote.  This fall will be mid-term elections.  Mid-term of the presidential 4 year term.  There seems to be more turnout anticipated due to well, Trump and the far right agenda.  No need for me to give my opinion at this time. 

Apparently the politics have waded into my sub-conscience.  I spent last night working to get a newspaper to correct my profile they had published for the campaign.  Mom saw us and said we needed to get over and cast out ballot for me.  I said I would as soon as I contacted the newspaper. Hubby and I looked for the phone number of the paper and finally found it.  I laid the paper down to get my cell.  This lady came up and sat on my paper.  I asked her to move so I could get my paper.  She finally stood up and I then explained to her who I was and hoped she would vote for me.  As I was preparing to tell her my political position, I awoke.

Whew!  What a nightmare.  Anyone that knows me probably would not vote for me cause most folks I know lean more conservative than I.  It would not be difficult to be more conservative than me.  Anytime I take tests about my political leanings it is always waaaayyy liberal.  Just not quite bat poop crazy by one mark.  Oh, well.  I do not plan to ever run for office of any kind ever again.  Not even dog catcher.


Friday, March 9, 2018

March 9, 2018

An old friend came to visit last night.  Sciatica is the name of the old friend.  It is an unwelcome old friend.  It had been lurking about for a day or two.  Last evening sitting in the stadium seat with a chilly wind to my back, it settled into the left lower regions of my body.  While online suggestions say ice packs, my body said no.  Spasms and tight muscles had already begin to seize my lower back.  PJ, muscle relaxers and just lying still for about 24 hours has sent sciatica packing.

In 1984 I herniated a disc in my lower back by picking up a small child at VBS.  I had been laid off from my job and was working part time at a friends jewelry store.  I ignored the pain in my back and leg.  Eventually the damaged cartilage in my right knee would send me to the orthopedic surgeon for surgery to repair the damage.  It would be two months before I would get the attention for the damaged disc.  It was during that time I learned the value of heat for muscles in spasm.

Tomorrow is a new day.  The last day before the jump forward to somehow make days longer.  They all look about the same to me.  Except for the one day we lose and hour by jumping forward.  Another day we fall back an hour.  But then, we can only live one moment at a time anyway.

Hope you have lots of wonderful moments over the upcoming few days.


Thursday, March 8, 2018

March 8, 2018

Watching a movie named 'Freedom' after reading yet another piece about MeToo and misogyny.  Makes me think.  I mean really think.  We can all be slaves in one way or another.  Slaves to our jobs. Slaves to our past.  Slaves within ourselves.  Lately I have come to realize just how I am really not a people person.  There are folks that are people persons.  They enjoy being with people.  They interact with others in a way that pleases the people.  The people they feel enriched by being with each other. 

Having grown up in the Methodist church I was and am a person of faith.  I believed God had a purpose for me in this life.  It seemed I had a gift for leadership.  I was probably just being a bully.  One day as I was cleaning the bathroom in our home on Hadley St.  I imagined the moment of my creation.  In whatever language The Creator spoke my name was said aloud.  The Creator smiled.   It seemed I could make folks laugh easily enough.  Maybe that should be my purpose. 

There is no way to move past the fact that my personality grated on those around me in the past.  I displayed a short temper. I do not need any one to tell me otherwise.  Sure I could be nice a little at a time.  But then people would be too close.  I just needed to be away from people.  Just in the quite.  Hard to make folks laugh when I want to be by myself. 

My Hubby wants me to get out more.  I will do it for him.  I will do it for my family.  Cause now that is the main purpose in my life, caring for my little family.  And that is plenty enough for me. I am going to spend the evening taking Youngest to soccer practice.  Then watch Next to Youngest run a mile.  I'll finish the evening watching Oldest Grandson play in the Dragon Varsity Lacrosse game. 

Hope the rest of your week is good. 

Cuba Gooding Jr. and Bernhard Forcher in Freedom (2014)

Monday, March 5, 2018

March 5, 2018

Life surely creeps up on a person.  March18, 1982, I began working for a company named Litton, Advanced Circuitry Division.  Thirty six years has really changed life.  That was slightly over half my life ago that I started on the midnight to 7 shift.  The company had just been awarded a contract for the keyboards for the TI 99.

In June of 2002 I left that company.  During those 20+ years while I worked for ACD friends were made.   Children were born and raised.  Children of coworkers married and presents were given.  Some folks divorced and some children divorced.  Having worked with a core group of folks most of the 20 years we knew the names of each others children and grandchildren.  We knew if each other's husbands snored.  We knew things the wives would let the guys eat or not eat.  Preproduction was a close knit group.

It has been 18 years since I left there.  The company closed its doors forever about 5 years later.  Facebook has help reconnect many of the former employees.  This last Saturday there was a reunion for the employees of ACD.  The photos were posted for all to enjoy.  Last night it was fun seeing if I could recognize faces that had morphed into senior citizens.  Grey hair, wrinkles and weight change made it a challenge at times.  There were some I did not recognize at all.  One person's nose was the give away as to who it was under the grey hair and age spots.

Then the little chat notification window popped up.  It was one of the former co workers.  She said she had bad news.  Another co worker's daughter we had watch grow up, go to college, marry and struggle to have a child was dead.  The daughter and her husband had been unable to have children so they had adopted first a baby boy and then a baby girl.  Those babies are now in their early twenties.  That baby boy that had brought so much joy had killed his mother.  My friend's 53 year old daughter was dead and the grandson was in jail.  It has been 24 hours and I cannot shake a dark feeling.  So much pain for the family on so many levels.    Life is just crap some days.

Sending prayers for that co workers family.


Saturday, March 3, 2018

March 3, 2018

Well.  The Granddaughter and her 3 team mates were the fastest in their early morning 4 x 400 relay.  Her mom watched that race.  We arrived in the afternoon to watch her individual 400 race.  About 15 minutes before the 400 M started the mist changed to a slow drizzle.  The sky had been just sort of overcast so we had not brought umbrellas.  Just as the JV girls finished the 400 M race, Granddaughter called.   Her hamstring was really bothering her.  She was wisely choosing not to run the 400 M. 

After some confusion about if she was going to meet us, we finally texted that we were going back to the car as the rain was picking up.  And the car was some distance from us.  We were wet and did not need to get wetter.  She said it was ok.  But I have felt badly every since for not hanging around to give her a hug.  It was not all that cold, 64 F / 16.6 C.  It did feel chilly with a breeze and wet clothing.  And we are not spring chicks, either. 

This event was the third for us to sit on bleachers watching one or other of the grands do their sports thing.  A soccer game tomorrow will round out the weekend for us.  Son and DIL have been splitting their time between the five grands this weekend.  Son in Houston for lacrosse tournament,  DIL bouncing between track and lacrosse for another grandson.  Four teens and one eleven year old.  And both Son and DIL are employed full time.  Very busy family.

So that is about all that is happening in our little world.  We are in our easy chairs now.  Dry, warm clothing with a nice soup for dinner.  Here is wishing anyone that stops by dry clothes and a warm meal.


Thursday, March 1, 2018

March 1, 2018

And the spring sports activities are ramping up these days.  Last evening was a lacrosse game for the 16 year old.  Tonight is track for the 13 year old.  Saturday is a track meet for the 17 year old and the first day of a two day lacrosse tournament for the 16 year old.  Sunday afternoon is a soccer game for the 11 year old.  Not sure when there is a lacrosse game for the 14 year old.  These events will not all be attended as some are 150 miles away from Round Rock.  We discussed the away trips and have come to the decision that only in area events will be attended.  That should keep up up and moving for the next two to three months.  Chairs and stadium seats now loaded into Icie.

Throw in some comedy shows by the nephew and out of town visitors over the next month and we will definitely stay busy.  And hopefully able to move.  I had upped the walking game to about 5 to 6 thousand steps.  Bad move.  This IT band thing is being a real challenge to gauge the right amount of activity.  Is it the distance, the shoes I wear, the length of time of continuous walking?  I just cannot get it figured out obviously, as the discomfort is there.  Not pain but discomfort.  At least I have learned to slow it down or stop at the discomfort level and not 'push through'.  Heat, ice and then stretching once the discomfort is reduced. 

Walking had become so important to me.  The simple pleasure of walking was such a great way to release energy and emotions.  The overall contentious climate in the US just wears me down to the nub.  All the talk about how there is really no such thing as an assault rifle makes me roll my eyes.  In searching to see the history of firearms it seems the first reason for development is for use as a weapon.  And there are all sorts of weapons through the ages.  Stones, knives, bombs, bigger bombs and the list goes on and on.  I just cannot figure out why people want to argue over whether something is a lethal weapon.

And now Putin is proudly displaying the newest round of what shall we call these things?  And Russia is not wanting to take over the world one blogger continues to espouse.  I just wish as much was spent on helping humans be better humans as is spent on inventing things that make it easier for folks that want to kill a lot of humans.