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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

June 12, 2018 Grandkid duty

With blended families there can be challenge.  Four boys with a neighbor or two added to the mix makes for a lot of potential for conflict.  And conflict resolution.  Today was a fairly easy day as the boys have matured a great deal.  It was homemade pizza night so I do not have much energy to write about much tonight.  Grandkid duty following a restless night with not very good sleep has left me pooped out.  Add in almost 8000 steps and the bed is calling.  So goodnight for now.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

June 10, 2018

As I typed the title, my mind and fingers still said to start with 19XX.  Will my mind ever catch up to the new century?  It has been almost a fifth of the new century already.  Our oldest grandson celebrated his 17th birthday yesterday.  So this century has certainly had plenty of highlights to make it memorable.  Oh, well, old brain cells I guess.  Or maybe semi-cooked brain cells as it continues to be summer time hot in our area. 

Yesterday Hubby's amateur radio stopped by for a quick visit.  Those two were making a welcome home sign for a third ham (as amateur radio folks call themselves) buddy who had been gone for a couple of weeks.  Ham Buddy One's wife has a broken foot and there were a few steps to get to our apartment from where they parked.  While the guys played I went to the curb to visit with Mrs. Ham Buddy One.  I stood in the full sun for about 20 minutes.  I received enough sun to actually get a slight sunburn.  I am so Irish fair skinned!

Birthday dinner on Friday night had followed a week of deeper than normal cleaning.  Our place was full of dust in places like our clothing closet.  There was a major building project about 1/2 block from our apartment.  The contractors dug down several feet and carried all that soil away creating massive dust clouds.  Next, the hole was filled in with more stable materials.  More dirt and dust clouds.  Finally the building was complete enough that the parking lot was paved.  A few more dust clouds on Friday as trees were planted.  Looking forward to lost less dust now.  Of course we are in a mild drought so there is still dust.  Keeps me out of my chair a bit each day trying to stay on top of it.

On and off over the next two weeks we have grandkid duty.  That will be fun.  Busy.  Maybe a little expensive as we keep them occupied.  I do know one day we will be making homemade pizzas from scratch including the dough.  That should keep us all busy.  While the kids are old enough to not require care, we tend to keep them from drawing blood when there is an argument.  Hopefully we will be able to get together a Father's Day gift for their dad.

Not much else going on these days.  Life of a retired person can be boring to others.  I like it.

May your week be filled with lots of love and joy.


Wednesday, June 6, 2018

June 6, 2018, Plateaus

Plateaus can be such beautiful landscapes.  For years I thought the Ozark Hills were upheavals of the land masses at some point.  Nope.  Geologists tell us they are an eroded plateau.  The Creator has had so much fun with this sphere where we all live.  Here are a few photos of that beauty I would like to share.

Another of the wonderful creations are families.  This is my husband's cousins on the day his parents home of 50+ years was auctioned off.  His mom and dad are not in the photo cause his dad fell the day before breaking his hip.  Dad Adcock was in surgery when this photo was taken.  Mom Adcock and I were in the waiting room.  Dad never left the hospital.  He was 89.  But the great memories of the times spent with the family still remain.

The following photo is my most of my Granny C's grandkids on my Mom's side.  We had gathered to see the renovation of the home our Uncle Clay had lived in since 1959.  The house was sold to a friend of the family following his death in 2006.  His daughter is seated second from the right.  Two of my sisters are in the photos.  Granny had only one grandson and one step grandson from her direct children.  She did have several step grandchildren from Grandad's first family of four boys.

As I age I notice the family gatherings have plateaued, too.  While there was a time when we would gather every year or two, it seems almost impossible now.  We are too far flung.  Or maybe just too lazy.

This last year has been a journey for Hubby and I.  It was encouraged by our DILove as she had us be guinea pigs in two separate weight loss programs.  Hubby has lost 40 + lbs.  I lost 20 + lbs in the last year, 30+ in the past 2 years.  Hubby hit a plateau about the time he fell on his bicycle.  This last week has seen him again to take off a little more weight.  I have hit not just a plateau but a small mountain.  I actually put on almost 5 lbs in two weeks.  Too many visits to 'sugar island' is the reason for my small mountain.  I recognize the problem so now it is just getting back on track.  It would help if my inner child did not want sweets when my old body was being too creaky.  Cause nothing makes me feel better than a strawberry shortcake sundae.

It's time for me to take a walk.  I will get over this little hill to see the next valley or maybe some gently rolling land.  Ya'll all have a good rest of the week. 

Sunday, June 3, 2018

June 3, 2018

Hot.  That is what this summer will be.  Photos are posted of the lush green of spring.  Here the grass is brown already crackles from lack of water when touched.  No lushness here.  Dry is, likewise, what this summer will be.  Clouds overhead are for shade only.  The clouds selfishly hold tight to their moisture lest they disappear.  Streams of dust instead of water.  It isn't even summer officially and it is hot and dry.  It is like August in June. 

For 3 hours we stood on the sidelines watching the young men do battle with sticks and ball.  The shaded areas too far from the field to be of use.  And while we are hot, the young men run to grab the ball in the basket at the end of the stick.  The game is lacrosse.  Those young men are glistening with sweat.  And still they run and battle for the ball.  Winners, losers or spectators the result is the same, tired and sunburned.

Saturday, June 2, 2018

June 2, 2018

Inspired by a recent post on YAM's blog, my mind started working on some things that have been on my mind.  Granted most of the things that have been on my mind have not been especially write worthy.  Stuff like:

  • "man, that window is dirty and needs to be cleaned"
    • did that on Friday
    • now I am thinking it looks better
  • "there is a breeze so maybe if I walk now I will not melt"
    • did get really sweaty, though
  • "Gene just snorted so he must have fallen asleep"
    • needs to use his cpap machine
    • he has it next to his recliner as well as the one by the bed
  • "what do I need to thaw for supper"
    • yes, I still call it supper
    • was raised to call lunch dinner
    • it was a farm thing I guess
Like I said not really worth writing about even though I just did.  I have been choosing to stay out of the political fray as much as possible.  Still signing some relevant petitions.  Still writing members of Congress.  But working to keep silent on things on facebook and here on this blog.  Yam's blog that inspired me was a cartoon about working together and sharing.

Tribalism has reared up like a monster it seems of late.  It seems no one wants common ground.  Calling each other names and fanning the flames of hate or at the very least discontent.  In thinking and reading about this tribalism a thought came to mind.  Family road trips.  

Yep, family road trips.  With three grandsons riding together in the backseat of our CMax for only a few miles it can be almost WWIII.  It can be the same with girls, too, as well as a mix like the Young family.  All of us who rode in a single auto with siblings know the scenario:  "He touched me!  Don't look at me that way!  You are gross!  I hate you!  This is my part of the seat, do not cross this line."  Then there are adults in the auto that attempt to negotiate but usually have to resort to something like "Don't make me have to pull this car over".

About the only thing that really changed all this bickering was the kids maturing.  And yet we adults of our celestial auto model earth seem to want to constantly bicker.  Just like a bunch of kids in the backseats of SUVx, vans and station wagons.  So think on that for a bit this weekend.  How can we adults be the adults in the road trip?

Sunday, May 27, 2018

May 27, 2018

Yella and Blackie were my first two dogs that were from the same litter.   The pups were given to me by my mother's two brothers, Bud and Clay.  The two uncles had returned from WWII and I was a baby boom baby.  I was not yet one when they gave me the pups so the pups and I  grew up together.  Mom told the story that Yella would always watch after me.  As a toddler I would head across the furrowed field to get to my dad as he was plowing.  Yella would grab me by the diaper/pants and pull me back down to keep me from going toward the danger.

Yella and Blackie had greyhound genes according to the stories from my parents.  Yella had 'that look' and that speed.  Yella loved to chase cars as they passed our house.  He would dart in and out of the clouds of dust that always followed the cars as they drove the caliche coated roads.  Blackie seems from my young child memories was a little shorter and stockier than Yella.  Blackie did not live beyond about my fourth birthday.  Blackie's early demise is why my memories are not as vivid. 

Yella was my companion for several more years.  He would come to the country school to get petted during recess.  Mom was a bus driver so Yella would lie in the shade of the bus barn at times.  I liked to use Yella like a slide.  Pretty sure one of his ticks got into my hair and stayed a few days before Mom checked my complaint.  In spite of her warnings, I continued to hug that dog that never had a bath.  I can still recall the deep sadness and feel the sting of the tears the morning I found Yella stiff and dead.  We were both nine years old.

As for Uncle Bud and Uncle Clay they lived into their eighties.  And what brings these two men to my mind right now?  Memorial Day here in the States.  I could not have had two more wonderful, generous uncles.  Uncle Bud with his black, curly hair and wry smile.  Uncle Clay with his slick, bald head and twinkly, blue eyes.  Both farm boys thrown onto the beaches of Normandy in the days following D day. 

Uncle Bud crossing France on foot.  Uncle Clay crossing France in tanks.  Uncle Bud catching pneumonia during the Battle of the Bulge as his unit advanced with Uncle Clay's tank division.  Uncle Clay once said he could not believe he was given a good pair of shoes and a heavy coat that fit him.  That is how those two farm boys had seen being in the service of their country.  Oh, how I would love just once more to watch Uncle Bud fool folks by throwing his voice or share a pack of Juicy Fruit gum with Uncle Clay.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

May 14, 2018

How can it be almost 2 weeks since my last post?  We have not had a lot of games.  We did have in May 5 multiple errands, a film shoot of Prom #2 and birthday gathering for youngest grandson.  Had to rest the next day.  Did not do the family dinner due to time constraints for the grandkids.  I am puzzled by how I can waste so much time.  Oh, that is it, puzzles.  But it beats the heck out of watching the news.  I have, also, been Netflixing a lot, too.  Miss Fisher's Murder Mystery is the latest choice.

And I have been having the weirdest dreams.  Rattlesnake dream so real I did not want to turn over in bed when I first awoke.  Family reunions where I was ridiculed for my beliefs.  Woke up dreading the next family reunion.  Playing in Lucille's old store building with my BFF from childhood.  But we were adults and playing like kids.  Woke up missing Reba Jane and her mom.  Thankfully I have forgotten most of the others.  But I am not on any new drugs so just strange dreams.

birthday boy
My youngest sister and her hubby spent the weekend in the area.  Friday they spent the day with us.  We enjoyed an newly released movie, "The Life Of The Party".  (I had some weird dream that night about sex, what ever that is.)  Sis and I spent several hours working on our fall Sister gathering in get this Sisters, Oregon.  Do you know how challenging it is to find proper sized bed for elderly people on a single level home?

With two octogenarians and three septuagenarians climbing stairs multiple days in a row will leave us unable to move about to just have fun.  Oh, and why would you have a vacation home rental for 9 people and only have 3 seats in the living area?  Sis and I are still looking and sorting what we are finding.  Did I mention we are king and queen sized folks, too.  If we are not really wide, we are really tall.

This beautiful lady had a birthday on Friday.  

Yesterday was Mother's Day here in the US.  Son treated DIL and I to brunch at a favorite tavern.  Sis et al was there along with DIL's dad.  In the evening Hubby and I attended Nephew's improv troupe's performance.  What a great weekend.  Today was the yearly checkup with the blood draw and pokey punchy in areas.  And I have now officially am 5'3".  That is 2" less that 15 years ago.  By the way the height has gone to my feet as I have gone from 7-7 1/2 B width to a full 8 W.  And I do not have osteoporosis.

The reason I am a Mom:

Wearing heels and still not measuring up to Son.