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Friday, September 6, 2013

Dang! There's Gotta Be More Than Dementia and Bitching...

Speaking as Yoda, "Great joy I receive when associating with young moms and younger women.  It matters not a real world or blog world connection be."  It is fun and inspiring to see the connectivity as I noted before in OB-GYN.  Most of this summer has been spent dealing with issues of aging mothers chronicled in hip surgerydismantling Momma Rogers' apartment , the descent into deep dementia with Gene's Mom then and now.

There is such a contrast between the joys of the young women and the intense, full lives and our two mothers' lives.  The brightness of the light of building lives against a backdrop of the darkness of fading lights of life is blinding at times.  The light of Edna's life rarely shines.  Mom's light is covered in the darkness of depression and deep sense of loss.

God, there's gotta be more than this at the end of life!  While I thoroughly enjoy the younger voices, lately I am searching for older voices from Light.  I begin the search in the blogoshpere.  These are a few of the ones I  find showing life after retirement and hip replacements.  Lights shining from the 60', 70's and into the 80's and 90's.  Several are political from differing viewpoints.  May these blogs give pleasure and hope to all who visit, especially those of the 'senior' age frame.

Like this one last for your list:

On the Lighter Side ( this is a fun video post and not the main page )

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