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Friday, February 13, 2015

Around the Corner

Carpe Diem Special #132
Fuyuko Tomita's "the corner"

It's time for another wonderful haiku written/composed by our featured (Dutch) haiku poetess Fuyuko Tomita. I think it's a beauty again, but this haiku is very different then we are used to I think. This haiku has four (4) lines and I am not sure if I could bring this back to three lines, so I haven't done that. I share it as she has done it on her website.

Kantooka  magatte shimatta  magarikado

Under a cold
street lamp
I’ve just turned
the corner

© Fuyuko Tomita

rainy day
a stray tries to stay dry -
broken umbrella

© Chèvrefeuille

All of the above is the inspiration for today's post.  It is rather appropriate for me as I attempt to settle back into a somewhat normal life after an extended absence to assist in my mother's care.  The day before I left to help we had just finished rearranging the storage rooms and putting away Christmas decor.  My penguin collection was to remain out till February at which time Valentine and spring would adorn the shelves, tables and walls of our home.

Today I seem to have turned the corner on getting resettled into life outside of hospital rooms, nursing homes and funeral 'parlors'.  The penguins are put away for the next several months and the heart is on the front door.  My husband brought fresh flowers for Valentine's for me.  Now to get the shelves dusted and the happy, spring decor out.  Sure there may be more cold but for today I shall turn the corner on mourning.  I shall look to the future, to basketball games for two grandsons and drum concerts by the third.

dark, cloudy
give way to
sunny smiles

sunny smiles
wiping a
single tear

single tear
onto the
cold earth

cold earth
the casket's
last corner

last corner
with a
favorite flower

favorite flower
from the
room's corner
©  Janice Adcock

Thanks to Chèvrefeuille for daily prompts on 


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