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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Time Glass - Fog

Carpe Diem Time Glass #21, FOG

Twenty four hours to write a new haiku or tanka about fog inspired by this painting.

Traveling at night through a pine forest near an ocean can have a couple of dangers:  deer and fog.  We left Dallas after the drive time traffic had cleared and headed toward Houston.  Husband was falling asleep at the wheel (that could be a singing group's name) which cause me to take over the driving.

The night grew darker as we drove deeper into the Piney Woods part of South East Texas .  And the  Husband snored louder.  While the 1972 F150 purred through the corridor of pines the air grew heavy with moisture.  Mixed with the cool night air the highway disappeared into fog.  I drove for probably 30 minutes in the watery mist, having reduced my speed to a safe pace.

Suddenly Husband's snore was more of a snort that awoke him.  He grabbed the dash as if he had seen a terrible something in the distance!  Then he shouted loudly, "There's a fog in the road!!!  Janice, there's a fog in the road."  Now when there is fog one of us invariably will say, "There's a fog in the road!" and laugh once again.  It really takes little to entertain us these days.

fifth avenue view
fog hides his departure 
tear filled eyes

experienced lies grow old
thinking back to foggy roads

©  Janice Adcock

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