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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Busy and Fun Time of The Year

Staying busy these days doing the things we US folks do during a season of holidays.  The majority of my family are Christians with a few agnostics, Buddhists, Jewish and non committal thrown in for good measure.  So we celebrate Christmas with a few of our birthdays, too.  We had our Rogers Family gathering this past weekend.  There were 28 adults and 13 children.  What fun watching the kiddos as Santa brought a sack of toys, one for each child.  Then Santa had the children pass out apples to someone who did not get a gift.

The main course for the gathering was fajitas, enchiladas, beans and cabbage soup.  Dips, chips, seasoned crackers of all sorts, candies, cookies, tarts, cobbler & cakes.  Drinks were everything from Texas sweet tea and soda pops to wines and mixed drinks.  For those who needed it there was a bottle of anti-acids.  The weather was so nice the patio was full of kids and adults alike. 

The grand finale of the day is Dirty Santa.  This is not some sort of naughty gift but rather a sort of snatch and grab.  Before gift madness starts, a tradition begun by my Mom almost 60 years ago, there is the reading of the Christmas story from one of the gospels.  This year Rev. John did the honors.  This solemn time was followed by a time of unwrapping a gift by a person.  Next person could either unwrap another gift or steal a gift.  And that is how the dirty part of Dirty Santa happens.

Two hours later 28 gifts had been opened, stolen and re-stolen.  Only two steals allowed before the item is 'dead' and cannot be stolen again.  Yes lots of fun was had.  Two selfie sticks were deemed "so 2013" to be stolen.  The pocket sized backup chargers for phones were hot items as were the kitchen equipment set.  The back scratcher came back home with us.  As did the penguin cream and sugar set.  And half a cake, some candy, cookies, tarts and a heart full of joy.

My hope for all is that what ever your faith choice may be, you can find joy and peace.  That you can spend time with friends and family.  Your home is warm.  And your wishes come true.
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