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Monday, December 7, 2015

First Christmas

Several years ago, like probably 35 years, the Aurora Community Theater had its Christmas program.  The Theater was in the old Catholic Church.  My son was performing in several of the children's skits.  My husband was, likewise, doing a skit with several other singers.  Singing even remotely on key is not a gift this voice possesses.  Instead a piece of prose was written and performed as a solo performer.

One of the lines of the prose spoke of the changing face of Christmas as our parents, aunts, uncles and cousins left this life.  This is the first year to have no living parent.  Only one beloved aunt and an uncle's wife remain.  One is too frail to come to the family Christmas.  There is even a nephew that passed just before Thanksgiving.  It is being a struggle to get excited about decorating, baking, sending cards pretty much anything that makes one think of the season.  My husband concurred that Christmas without all those wonderful people is, well, just sad.

The family party is this next weekend.  Sweets are to be made this week.  Hope that will make the season feel a little less lonely.  Doing the things that bring to mind the traditions of old.  Decorating, cooking special Christmas goodies, wrapping gifts and finally working on the Christmas cards.

stained paper
familiar handwriting
aromas of love

filling the house
and a lonely heart

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