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Friday, December 4, 2015


Hope is a word full of the future.  The desire for certain outcomes.  The word hopeful is used to describe candidates for various offices.  It was a catch phrase for President Obama.  Often used as a form of greeting as in, 'hope all is going well'.  For persons facing life threatening diseases hope is an intangible held with a tight grip.

Hope sometimes needs to have feet to give the desired results.  Hope you get a good grade on a test probably needs to be backed with some serious study.  Hope for weight loss has to be accompanied by lifestyle changes.  Hoping for a date with a particular person may require, well, something.  Hoping for a change in something will probably require some sort of action.

We hoped to be able to travel during our retirement.  With planning and a surprise gift from a relative, those hopes are being realized.  We hoped to spend time with our grandsons.  That has become a weekly reality as we live within 10 miles of them.  We hope they will have fond memories of our presence in their lives.

At this time of year, hopeful children write letters to Santa.  Children hope to catch a glimpse of the deer and sleigh.  Parents hope the kids like the gifts.  Retailers hope for a banner shopping season.  Persons of the Christian faith have a verse that speaks to hope:

Now faith is assurance of things hoped for, proof of things not seen. Hebrews 11:1World English Bible
Here is hoping you each have a peaceful week.  Hoping for a calmness in this world of divisiveness.  Hoping you get:   the date or the gift; the house or the car; the last slice of your favorite pie or cake;  that good wins over evil and love over hate.  I have faith in these hopes.

Thanks to The Spin Cycle Host Ginny Marie 
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