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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Oh, man

This weekend will be my nephew's (Mike's) memorial service.  As the time approaches we three sisters are doing what we can to help our oldest sister through this time.  She is neither the first not the last mother to have a child proceed her in death.  That fact does not diminish the pain for my sister.

Nothing further can be done for the two that have passed.  Now is time to care for our sister, remaining nephew and niece, both in their 50's.  Certainly too young to have lost their brother.  But it happens.  Mike's oldest son died in the spring of 2009.  Another sister's daughter in law was killed in a traffic accident about 18 years ago leaving an 18 month old.  One could be angry about the losses.  Fact is that really is part of the grief process.  And death is part of life's journey.

Today I am not angry, depressed or in denial.  I am just very sad for my sister, her children and my deceased nephew's remaining children and grandchildren.  A new year will begin on Friday.  A year without Mike in our lives.  Another year without many of our family in our lives.  Each is thought of and remembered at different times and in different ways.  But this Saturday is the end, a period in the story of Mike.  And we are sad.

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