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Friday, July 3, 2015

3 Good Things

3 Good Things

This week on The Spin Cycle we are being challenged to list 3 good things that have happened either this week of each day.  Let me see what I can do:

  1. husband let me rest late (long nite of keeping kiddos caught up with old woman)
  2. my hair dried nicely (growing out hair is such a challenge!)
  3. figured out a quick dinner
  1. Surprised grandsons with their favorite donuts!
  2. Time to get a few answers from son about shelf project.
  3. Celebrating 48th wedding anniversary.

  1. A quiet day with little activity.
  2. Never got dressed!
  3. Nephew's surgery appears to be successful.
  1. Found a giant moth and photographed it.
  2. Husband smoking ribs and tenderloin.  Mmmmmm smells.
  3. Homemade potato salad
  1. Heat sheet for swim meet marked up
  2. Able to write almost all day long.
  3. Nephew is home from surgery and doing well.
Saturday, July 4!
  1. Swim meet!  The last till next spring.
  2. Independence celebrations with family!
  3. Fireworks.
I do not know how the rest of the days will go.  But life is really pretty good all the time. And when it is not perfect, there is a great support group in friends, family and Creator!
Special things like finding a moth living its short life among my marigolds is like icing on the cake!

Thanks to The Spin Cycle Host Ginny Marie

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