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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Bird Watching

The tree across the street from our apartment provides a roost to several different birds.  I see bluejays, doves, sparrows, crows and mockingbirds taking advantage of the outstreached arms of the tree.  With the bare limbs, the birds have been very visible from my easy chair.  Watching the birds has given me great entertainment on the chilly, damp days of winter. This past week has brought quite a change to the naked limbs.  The limbs are flush with new, shiny green buds and leaflets.  The birds, now camouflaged by leaves, are singing courting songs.  Spring is definitely upon us.

As we drove to Middle grandson's soccer game this Saturday morning the roadsides were beginning to erupt with bluebonnets.  The blue hue is accented by the orange splash of Indian Paintbrush and the greening of grasses.  The soccer game was played under an increasingly heavy cloud cover.  With the area still being in a deep drought, we just hoped the downpour would wait until the game was complete.  Unfortunately only sprinkles fell from the deep grey clouds.

In thinking back over the last year I remembered my mother in law watching the birds at the care center.  Life cycles continue.  The last two years have seen the loss of three aunts and Edna.  The remaining aunts, an uncle and my mom are declining too rapidly.  Hearing is worsening, mobility challenges and increasing dementia leave a shadow of the people of our youth.  As are we ourselves find changes in aches and pains and noises we make getting out of chairs.

My youngest niece is expecting her third child.  Her four year old son played his first t ball game today.  Our youngest grandson was at a Math competition this morning.  The oldest was on a scouting adventure.  Tomorrow brings another soccer game and a lacrosse game.  Skinned knees, sweaty kid smells, Easter basket preparations for expected visitors on Monday is part of the cycle, too.  Passing traditions and love on to the next generation.

On the easy, late Saturday afternoon I am sitting in my easy chair watching PBS shows about bird migrations across the world.  Sipping iced coffee as the temperature is a humid 79 degrees.  With binoculars I watch the birds play hide and seek in the tree across the street.

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