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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Busy Day

This past week was another week where we set our own pace.  If we want to stay up till the wee (pun intended) hours of the morning, we do.  If we go to bed closer to old people times, we do then get up several times for the wee hours.   More progress was made on moving the items in storage to the closer storage unit that is next to our apartment.  While that sounds like a simple thing it is somewhat challenging as part of the stuff is too big to fit in the elevator.  The iron shelves were heavy to move down the stairs.  We made it without drawing blood, a good thing.

The other side of clearing out the storage area is going through our stuff again.  More donations, more listings on Craigslist, more memories.  More what the heck was I thinking bring this!?!  Well, truth is I was thinking two bedrooms.  Gene assures me that is not going to happen.  Nope, no more moves, still.  Now the trundle bed will go on Craigslist.  We are still sifting through the things of our parents.  Gene's folks had 6 acres to put stuff and save 'treasures'.  My Mom just had the capability to cram 10 lbs. of stuff in a 5 lb. area.  So we sort, again.

Today, Saturday, will be a different kind of busy.  We will be having fun following 3 grandsons to soccer games.  The games are at three different locations.  Gene will get to drive his Jeep so he will be smiling.  Well, smiling as much as Gene ever does.  The folding chairs and umbrellas are in the car.  Extra water and snacks to grab a bite between games are in a cooler waiting to be grabbed on the way out the door.  Maybe we will get rained on today as it is cloudy and foggy as I watch the jay's chasing each other in the trees across the street.

Yesterday I made another acquaintance here in the building.  As I was moving boxes using my little, handy flat cart two nice ladies were getting onto the elevator as I was getting off.  They asked if I needed help and I noted the cart made it easy for a senior to move stuff.  Lisa asked where I bought it as she was needing one to be able to move her storage contents to her floor.  So I just offered her the use of my cart over the weekend.  She was thrilled.  Later in the evening she and her friend came to get the cart.  Possibly the beginning of a new friendship.  At the very least we have each others' phone numbers.

May all who stop by this blog for a visit today have a blessed weekend.  To my friends and cousins, I send love and hugs.  You know who you are.

P.S.  Tomorrow is a lacrosse game south of Austin.  Do you hear Willie singing "On The Road Again"?

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