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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Taxing Tuesday

Today we will tax our relationship. We will do our taxes for 2013. Not a fun time.  Even with Turbo Tax I get impatient with all the reading and hesitations.  ...  Update.  Taxes finished and no need to come up with more $.  And no meltdowns that required leaving the apartment.

 Yesterday was pleasant as we spent the evening with our Son. He was prepping his food for the week as well as our dinner. Son allowed Husband to grill on cedar planks salmon, talapia and chicken breasts. Lime cilantro rice, roasted Brussels sprouts and a salad I brought were the food for the evening.

Not much else to report these days.  Just sort of staying close to home and working small projects as the notion hits us.  We saw a picture of ourselves at a gathering in late October of last year.  Man, we looked like a couple of old tires people.  Back during that time we were both having to take the max of pain medications to keep going each day.  Our legs were swollen with almost constant ankle pain.  But we seem to be able to do our walks and most things we want and still feel good.  Sure glad we are not having to push ourselves that much now.

We have begun thinking about a trip to Ireland and England possibly for our 50th anniversary in 2017.  We figure it will take that long to get to where we can do the necessary walking and planning done.  Anyway sure gives us something to which we can look forward.  So if anyone reading this blog has suggestions for places to visit across the pond, please, leave a comment.  The birding blogs I visit are sure putting ideas in our heads.

That about all for now from the Texas Adcocks.  Hope all goes well for you and yours this week.

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