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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Soccer With a Chance of Drizzle

We are having a great time being able to attend the functions in which our grandsons are active.  This time of year is soccer and lacrosse.  Next will be swimming.  Then summer vacation for the boys.  After living almost 700 miles away from these guys it surely is fun to drive 10 or 15 minutes to watch soccer, drums, plays, etc., etc,, etc.

Many folks that visit this blog or who have 'eyeballed' us (as amateur radio operators say) we do not rise early.  We, likewise, do not go to bed early.  This morning's first soccer game started at 8:30 AM.  The Jeep needed gas.  The field was about 10 miles away and Husband's favorite gas stop was on the way.  This was Middle's game.  We missed all of his game last week because the Wicked Witch of the GPS sent us down walking trails and then in circles.  Anyway, we wanted to make certain we were at the field on time!!!!

The sonic boom alarm clock with super shaker activated at 6:00 AM this morning.  I am pretty sure the folks on the other side of the wall and upstairs were awakened by this device.  It is loud.  When I asked Husband the reason for having the sound on, he had a simple answer, "Just wanted to make sure it still worked."  It does.  Please, know the super shaker could easily compete with a jack hammer when it comes to vibrating the bed.

Up, bagel consumed so daily meds will not eat the stomach lining, shower, dress and out the door by 7:15.  Jeep is gassed but no time to activate the Starbucks gift card so we arrive at the soccer field uncaffeinated.  Which is just as well as the restroom doors were locked and we have old people bladders.  I have no rain boots and Husband did not think to wear his.  It is about 50 degrees, a slight breeze and drizzling when we arrive at the field at 8.A.M.  We did have rain jackets and umbrellas.  I had gloves and earmuffs as I hate to get chilly.  That is part of why I was okay moving back to Texas.

The soccer game was fun to watch.  Middle had a great assist on one of the 5 goals T&T made.  The opposing team had 3 goals.  Middle was happy and it was time to move to the next set of fields for Youngest's game.  Son is the coach for the team.  The opponents had only 3 boys at game time so Youngest puts on a green shirt and plays for the opponents.  These are 7 year old boys playing this game.  It is entertaining to watch the boys and the crowd.

I guess you could call it a crowd.  Parents, siblings, friends and one set of grandparents on this coolish, damp, drizzly morning.  It is interesting to overhear comments about one's grandsons from people that know them so much better than we do.  One person I did not know noted it was Middle's kind of day to play, wet, muddy and a chance to tackle.  I did know that about Middle, smart but still quite physical in his play.

Youngest was eventually allowed to play with his own team as one additional player arrived for the opponents.  Youngest is really tall for his age.  He is all legs and arms and drama.  It was as much fun to watch his reactions to the three goals he scored as about anything I see in my life.  Grandpa and I stood next to a couple of friends and Son's significant other.  The wet grass had soaked through the tops of my Merrills and my socks were soaked.  Game over and we head to the Jeep with directions to join Son and friends at a local pub.

The Jeep is started and there is still warmth in the engine.  I remove the wet shoes, stick my feet up to the floor heater outlet and feel toes begin to thaw.  You know that tingly feeling one gets when your feet or hands have been cold?  We head for the pub, a pint, burger and catching up with friends.  It was almost 2 PM when we got home.  Warm drinks, dry socks and an afghan was a cozy feeling.  We did crank the heat up to 69 degrees.  Something about the damp had us chilled to the bone.  Finally around 9 PM after homemade soup the afghans were tossed aside.

This week is Spring Break.  There will be no soccer nor lacrosse games till March 22.  I loved the morning soccer games.  I loved Middle grandson coming to the Jeep and giggling with us about silly stuff we said.  I loved Oldest grandson being a ninja like Grandpa.  I loved watching Youngest with the darkest blue eyes and a face covered in freckles score three goals.  And I will be out there again for soccer or track or lacrosse standing and smiling even in the drizzle.
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