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Sunday, May 24, 2015


As they wait for the waters to recede you can see the emptiness in their eyes.  Homes - lives destroyed in a matter of minutes.  The much needed moisture came in amounts too heavy for the creeks and rivers to handle.  The bank level waters rose from 7 feet to higher than the 39 foot gauge could register.  It took less than 3 hours.  Not enough time to save much except yourself and a few belongings.

Today the lakes are up several feet.  That is feet, not inches.  Up 13 feet in 7 days.  Seven of those feet in 12 hours.  The soil is soaked.  The damage is scattered over several areas in several states.  But it comes down to this.  That person looking at the ruins of their home still covered in water.  And the look in those eyes as the thunder once again rumbles across the soggy landscape.

Just a little, quaint Texas town.  Known for the cute shops, small bed and breakfast lodging and a miles long Lions Club Market Days.  The type of 1950's small town written about in a John Grisham novel.  Now today there are 350 to 400 less homes and businesses.  And there are dead to be buried in the too soggy ground.

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