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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

12 x 14' 7" Will Just Make It

It will be only about 4 8 feet shorter than my current living room.  Or I could just not have a dining table and chairs and it would be the same.  Hummmm.  Maybe that is just the answer.  The bedroom is about 3. 5 feet more narrow.  But all the furniture from it will fit in the new place.  That is a most rewarding feeling tonight.  There are two other rooms of furniture to deal with.   Do we keep and store to see if we might want to go to a 2 bedroom when one is available?  What to do what to do.  It is a little dicey about all eight lovely country French ladder back dining chairs.  Gene does not want me to let them go as we are giving up so much all ready.  Deep sigh.

Downsizing is the name given this part of life.  I think we should help our children learn not to up size in the beginning.  My brilliant son has taught me this.  But no matter, it is still difficult to let go of the comfy chair that is a bit to low for old people.  Keep the higher, less comfortable chair I can actually get out of without making too many old people noises from every orifice of my body.

Come with me on this next great adventure as TOF, that's two old farts, downsize and relocate to loft living.  Gene says it's hip.  I keep telling him we will probably be the only folks living in the place with knee replacements.  Our son toured the place for us on Sunday.  Said it was really cool and that we did not fit the demographic of the residents.  Not the first time I heard that about Gene and I.  "Are you sure you are ready for such a change?  There is no place to go if you get in an argument", said our Wise Son.  Sure there are plenty of places to go:  Kohl's, World Market, Lowe's and Sam's are just across the street.  And an ice cream place, a Bed and Body Works.  Holy cow, there is a Garden Ridge and Hobby Lobby.  Not to mention the lounge and coffee bar on sight.

But for tonight I am just pretty stoked that my king size bed will fit.  Along with the furniture we bought in 1968 for the bedroom.  We will get this move conquered.  And thank you, God, for letting us keep the king size bed.  That could have caused big problems like when we argue at night and Kohl's is closed.

All this in 12 x 14?

To sell or not to sell?

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