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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Crisp, Fall Morning With Some Color T - 4

As it nears Halloween I am not really doing much of anything for the day this year.  Not buying any candy.  No decorations in the yard.  No, not this year will Husband teeter on a two foot ladder instead of using one of the three far more stable ladders we own to install the flying bat.  The bat strategically placed on the eve above the sidewalk so parents and kids must dodge it to get to the candy.  No plans for dressing up in dark colors to sit quietly until the too old to trick or treater gets just close enough to grab at them.  No eerie jack o' lantern that slowly levitates as the door opens to the ghouls and goblins.

Last year's flapping bat.

Instead this year we will be little more than just a couple of old, homeless zombies.   At 10:00 AM, October 31, we sign the papers to officially sell our home to others.  Therefore we will be homeless as we do not have a place to call ours until November 9.  As for the zombie part, I assure you it is easy for us to meet the requirements of that hoard.  We are dead tired of sorting, hauling, packing and all the other stuff required for a successful move.

We awoke this morning not being terribly energetic.  But the list of to do's stares like a grimacing kidnapper.  A captor requiring that we pick the bones of the place we have called home for almost 21 years.  And do it quickly as it is only the day after tomorrow the rest of the captors will arrive to gather the bones of our life.  These brainwashed beings will place the bones in coffins they believe to be boxes.  Together we will become soldiers in this army of mindless, driven beings seeking life from the bodies of the living.

Former hall bath

What is lurking under the bed?  Zombie dust bunnies!!

No bed, no where.

Just a few days ago live people ate here!

Beware all you people that know the former Gene and Janice.  Starting on All Hallows Eve the latest recruits in the army of the living dead will be seeking life.  Or at least a place to sleep besides an old, wrecked Lincoln full of the past.  Be fearful of a Jeep pulling a trailer of stuff too dangerous to be carried on the Captor's Hall of Terror,  That Hall of Terror is disguised as a United moving van.  The Captor is holding our worldly possessions for a costly ransom:  new recruits in the mindless, life sucking army.  Beware, we beg you with the last bit of strength we have to grip our once sane life.  Lock your doors and save yourselves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pray for our souls and regained sanity!
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