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Saturday, October 5, 2013

It Rained Today

Geese flying south signal fall festival time here in the Ozarks.
The events are held on town squares or local parks.
Every wide place in the road is hosting craft fairs.
All it takes is a table and an awning to display your wares.

One friend can recite all the festivals both near and far.
Then on the weekend some of us 'girls' just pile in a car.
Off we go to search out the best of what is new.
We look and touch but find unique things are few.

The quest for us 'girls' to find the best of the best
Usually leads us to a diner with soft chairs for a rest.
Three of us 'girls' planned for a day to go play.
The festival grounds were covered in water and hay.

This is the last fall I will make the festival trip.
We've sold our home to live in a loft that's quite 'hip'.
So with dearest of friends I spent my last festival day.
I walked, remembering as it rained tears today.

Dedicated to my sorority sisters of Beta Sigma Phi,
Preceptor Theta Kappa chapter.
Thanks for the memories.

Two of a kind, but no one knows what kind.

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