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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Photo Theme for Thursday - Shadows

Sunday I spent some time enjoying the last few weeks I will be the owner of this garden.  As I walked around I looked at the impact Husband and I have had on this 80' x 135' spot of ground.  Twenty one years ago this was a muddy, bare, rocky mess.  There were four saplings no more that a couple of inches in diameter.  As I strolled the garden on the sunny morning there was a shadow following me.  Not just the physical shadow of my sizable body but the shadow of my creative self.  While my physical shadow will grace the garden for only 28 more days, the other shadow will linger.  Join me for a few minutes and enjoy the other shadow that will remain.  Or you would rather just skip over to Photo Theme Thursday and see some amazing photo takes on shadows, darkness or patterns.

Early morning shadows on the fall arrangement and pot that will go with.

A former Christmas tree from our home now casts its own shadow on the drive.

Even the rain drops were casting shadows.

Shadows cast in stone

Can you see the black fish feeding beneath the shadow marked rocks?

I noticed the Ultimate shadow above!

Shadow life of pond fish.

Evening found me back in the garden enjoying the goldfish in the pond as well as the rest of my garden.

The stream we built and rebuilt!
 Then I turned to my right and saw this shadow self within the garden arch I leave behind.

And finally nearing twilight the shadow became part of the garden.  Much as my soul.
Will the garden remain?  Will the shadow of my soul continue to linger among the rocks, the flowers, the bricks, the shrubs and arch?  Only time and Google maps will tell.

But, then, even raindrops cast shadows.

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