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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Professional Packing Day T - 2

Packing Day Schedule As We Lived It:

  • 6:00 AM  
    • Alarm of need to go potty goes off for Gene
    • Needs light to pee
  • 6:12 AM 
    • Light from bathroom shines in my eyes 
    • Awakening me
    • Cover my head
  • 6:12:30 AM 
    • Yell at Gene to either turn off the light or
    • Close the door
  • 6:49 AM 
    • Gene clearing out his sinuses
    • Give up with all the noise
    • Get up & dress, too
  • 7:00 AM 
    • Finish packing suitcases for trip
    • Hide stuff in closet so packers to no pack in error
  • 7:45 AM 
    • Gene prepares last two tablespoons of coffee in press pot
    • I get distracted by another box of crap or something
    • Have to re-heat water for the coffee grounds
    • Another distraction so Gene reheats water again
  • 8:15 AM 
    • Packing crew arrives
    • Give basic instructions of what goes etc.
    • Packers get set up for the task
    • I smell the coffee but get distracted
  • 9:30 AM
    •  Packers call for additional instructions from three different directions
    • #1 packer label these pictures MBR, these JR, these LR
    • #2 packer needs a phillips head screwdriver
    • #3 is working the kitchen and the cups are already packed
    • I want coffee so dig out the disposable cups set aside for this use
    • Coffee is luke warm and I do not care
    • Realize need to start dishwasher for last few dirty dishes
    • Grab less than luke warm coffee, sit in a soft chair and eat a muffin
  • 10:00 AM 
    • Find Gene packing stuff in garage
    • Ask him where small tool caddie I had ask to be set aside is?
    • Packed halfway down the box
      • Dig it out
      • Still not happy about light in eyes a t 6 AM
  • 10:45 AM 
    • Work to get last bit of printing done and clear off table
    • Packers #1 & #2 are finished with MBR, JR BR, Office Room & Utility room
    • Packers #1 & #2 in entry hall and LR
    • #1 asks if we have coats to kept out to wear
      • Dang meant to do that last night
      • Take jacket to MBR Closet
    • Realize there are hanging things on bed to be added to this wardrobe
      • Barely make it back with the clothes in time as she is prepping tape
      • Geeze #1 is fast
    • Need more coffee but none to be had
    • # 3 still packing my kitchen cabinets
    • Realize I did not get any pots or skillets before he packet them
      • Found one skillet
      • Two small Corning dishes
  • 11:30 AM 
    • Send print job to printer in Kit
    • Printer unplugged so no printout
      • Thought I had finished so packer had unplugged
      • No prob. just plug it in
    • #2 has come to kitchen to help
    • #3 comments on how much I have in the kitchen
  • 11:45 AM
    • Packers no where to be found
    • Oh, yes, it is lunch time
    • Would love another cup of coffee
    • Settle for a cookie
  • 12:30 PM
    • All back on job with # 2 & # 2 still in kitchen
    • # 1 helps in kitchen for a while
    • More comments on how much stuff in kitchen
    • Told them they should have seen it before got rid of about half of it
  • 1:15 PM
    • # 1 moves to garage
      • More instructions on which goes
      • Which stays
    • Discussion on what we need to disassemble
  • 3:15 PM
    • #1 asks for a walk through on garage
    • Give her some wreaths
  • 3:35 PM
    • #3 begins filling out paperwork
      • Turns out # 3 is the lead
      • He spent the entire day on my kitchen
      • # 2 did mostly dining area
    • I do have a lot of dishes
      • 32 5 piece place settings of inexpensive china
      • 6 place settings of Corell
      • 15 or so place settings of stoneware
  • 4:00 PM
    • Packing crew leaves
    • Gene eats my left over lasagna
  • 4:30 PM
    • I begin cooking thawed chicken legs Sharon did not want
    • Realize I have no
      • lid for skillet
      • utensils for turning chicken
      • utensils for eating the steamed veggies
    • Remember the picnic basket Gene snagged just before # 1 boxed it.
      • Find camp utensils
        • lid too small
        • use two heavy duty coated paper plates
        • worked like a charm and did not need a hot pad
      • Find spoons and one knife
      • Prepare chicken in flavored oils
      • Open a bag of cookies
        • Help myself to several
        • Wish for coffee
  • 5:30 PM
    • Food ready
    • Pour last of wine and eat another cookie
    • Enjoy dinner
  • Sometime PM
    • Wash dishes
    • Wash baskets from freezer
    • Begin fridge clean
    • Pack last of items from kitchen
    • Mark items in garage for move, stay, sell
    • Gene asks where the little tool caddy I had him dig out is
      • Where did you leave it?
      • In the floor
      • # 1 packed it then
        • Dang she is fast
  • 9:20 PM
    • Sit down to check emails & facebook
    • Instead write this blog post.
  • 11:10 PM
    • Realize the time
    • Head to bed
  • 12:01 AM
    • Still awake 
    • Trying to figure out how to have coffee in the morning

PS:  Please, ignore the date stamps on pictures.  No brain power to change the setting on the camera tonight.
Utility Room

Living Room

All those dishes!  A lot of stuff

Picture crates in JR RM

Other side of JR RM


Improvised lit

All that is still usable for cooking

Who cares so long as there is wine and cookies!

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