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Thursday, October 17, 2013

T - 14 It Finally Hit

Last Goodbyes

Two weeks before we drive away
from this home of near 21 years
My body wakes to what is called an I hurt day.
As I sat in meditation came the unstoppable tears.

Last goodbyes are now a daily thing
Be it family, friends and others considered dear.
There are phone calls with words of love they sing
Those last long hugs, kisses and quiet whispers in my ear.

The new life we are moving toward
Can seem oh, so far away
Especially when the tears are flowing hard
On an I am hurting day.

But with the tears comes memories so sweet.
At the thought of games, parties and that one play
The tears bring release of tension from head to feet.
Just the thought of friends has changed it to I rejoice day.

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