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Saturday, October 26, 2013

T - 5 And I Am Losing Steam

Up early to get things ready for the washer and dryer to be picked up today.  Then clean the areas I was not able to reach with the washer and dryer in place.  Well, sort of clean.  Both men seemed pleased with their purchases.  Guy First Cousin stopped in to pick up the wood bin and wood hauler.  It sure seems something else was to have been picked up but I guess that is it.  Oh, I know what needs to be picked up, my butt cause it is beginning to drag!

And I am sitting on that dragging part of my anatomy instead of hauling some boxes to the car, finishing up clearing off the trailer, and one of a couple of dozen other things I should be doing.  TCU plays UT in Ft. Worth today with my nephew marching in the UT band.  But I must get up and get going so some more can be done.  I have packed another 5 or 6 boxes already today but there are still more to be sorted packed.  So here I go.  Did you see that?  I am really quick sometimes so you may have missed my moving.  And while the title says 5 days, it is just 3 days till the packing people come to do the heavy and fragile stuff.  This is exciting.  And will be even more so if I could just take a short nap.

Only I did not get much of a nap, maybe 3 minutes.  Gene went into the attic and I felt ashamed of being so lazy.  I dragged myself out into the garage and we worked another couple of hours.  Everything is down from the attic including Gene and his ham antenna.  He said goodbye attic as he came down the fold up steps.  Last year before the knee replacement he would not have been able to do the attic thing.

My car's trunk and back seat are now crammed with Adcock, Harness, Chandler and Rogers' photo albums and historical treasures.  The old faithful laptop will have to sit on top of boxes in the passenger seat as it guides me to the new adventure.  Gene will be driving the Jeep and pulling the baby trailer.  We figure the possibility of our getting separated in traffic is pretty high.  Therefore, I will use the laptop GPS program that guided us through the northeast in 2005 and Canada three years later.  Gene will have the Nuvi to guide him.

We came to the end of the day feeling like another hurdle of the move had been cleared.  Now maybe I can stay focused on the few remaining items I am committed to pack prior to the pros arrival on Tuesday.  For now after a nice, warm hot shower, a snack and some water I am ready for some lateral time.
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