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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Thursday Theme - Blurry

Thursday Theme Photo Challenge is:
"Blurry" (unfocused, moving, foggy ....)
That describes most of my photographs!

To see photos by folks that know what they are doing with photography click here.

Hotel in Banff, no stopping, shot from inside the Jeep!

Kansas roadside, no time to stop!  The yellow blur are tickseed coreopsis flowers.

Husband was not driving or this would be blurry and foggy at Lake Louise, AL, Canada. 

Again, no time to stop and it is a moose for heavens sake!  

Just did not want to set up a tripod at Indian Springs campground, my bad!

Thanks to all who leave comments.  I seem to be unable to reply.  Google and I are working on it, though!

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