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Thursday, August 14, 2014

It Is Thursday

It is being a busy week for us this week.  We are doing grandson watch during the daytime.  Well, it is more grandson taxi service as one is having tennis lessons in one direction, a second is in acting class in a different direction.  The third is in magic camp but that is on the way to the dad's work so he is doing the transport to and fro.  With two separate birthday celebrations on two different nights shopping trips with grandsons were required.  Tonight is a business dinner for the dad so we will be putting the kids to bed, too.

Yesterday included baking and decorating a birthday cake in between providing taxi services and gift purchased.  Gift wrapping was done, car loaded and off to the the restaurant for the dinner.  Seven adults with two tweens, two 10 yr. olds and an 8 year old made for a lot of activity.  I am pretty sure the wait staff should have received a larger tip.  This amount of activity is considerably more than either of us are accustomed to doing at this time.

Today is Thursday.  We have spent time with our youngest nephew twice this week now in addition to time with the grandsons.  I do not think we have had a conversation with anyone within twenty years of our age in close to a month.  Life is different.  Life is very different and we are pleased for the difference.  And the grandsons may even spend the night with us by themselves tonight.  And even if they do not, life is still good, really good!

Have a happy Thursday and thanks for dropping by for a visit!
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