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Friday, August 15, 2014

Summer Vacation

The Spin Cycle is back after a brief vacation.  Summer vacation is the theme for this week's blog. No official vacation for us this year so I will just submit this little ditty.

Apartment living is still really quite new
This new setup leaves us with little to do.
No yard work nor maintenance except for our cars.
We have time for movies, plays and staring at stars.

We provide shuttle service for grandsons as needed .  
Beats the heck out of yards that need weeded.
Just a short walk to the pool with a drink in hand
It is the perfect vacation that we never planned.

If you want to read about some more exciting vacation doings head on over to The Spin Cycle hosted by Ginny and Gretchen.  Thanks, ladies for your weekly prompts for writing and to the kind folks that visit to read our blogs.

Second Blooming

I'll leave you with a few of photos from previous vacations.
Niagara Falls

Wyoming landscapes.

Colorado windmill

University of Texas tribute at
Lady Bird Johnson's Wild flower Center.

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