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Monday, August 25, 2014


In 2000 one of my three year old great nephews had quite the night before Christmas.  Garrett was full of anticipation of the big man in the red suit.  His dreams had been so vivid he was certain all events had really happened.  He recounted the adventure to my sister, his Granny.  

"Granny, I was asweep but a woud sound woke me up.  I wooked out the window and sunnunly thar(soft r) was a weindeer.  Then sunnunly thar(soft r) was a noise in the chimwey and I wan to the wiving woom and thar(soft r) was Santa!  And sunnunly he gave me pwesents.  And, and, and ..... sunnunly he.....", continued the excited three year old as he remembered and added to the story.

The story continued for some time as my sister later recounted it to me.  That young man and his twin brother are now beginning their senior year in high school.  "Sunnunly" has replaced suddenly in the Rogers vernacular.

Garrett and brother Hayden Christmas 2013 when Santa again sunnunly arrived.

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