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Friday, June 26, 2015

a beautiful peace

Carpe Diem Special #153, Rallentanda's fifth "a beautiful peace"

source:  CDHK
a beautiful peace
I sit quietly with them
feeling their presence

© Rallentanda

graves seem to move
spirits dance

© Chèvrefeuille

It is approaching time to be on the road for a few weeks.  Family reunion in Minnesota. Many of the cousins have settled in that area so the reunion will be there.  As with the 2010 reunion, none of the parents of the cousins will attend.  This time it is because only one uncle in law is still alive.   All of the previous generation are dead.  Hard to think of one's self as the older generation.  Guess that is why parents were so resistant to moving into easier care situations.

One part of the trip will be visiting graves.  Graves of parents.  Maybe even grandparents, uncles and aunts.  Life seems to be in fast forward now.  Son notes that a year in our life is only 1/69th while a year in the life of a child is like 1/9th.  And yet life goes on one day at a time for all .....

silent tears
filled with precious memories
peaceful rain
©  Janice Adcock

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