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Monday, June 15, 2015

At The Horizon

Sitting on the most comfortable sofa in the world I can look out the door and see about 10 miles.  There are church steeples, water towers, shopping centers, hotels.  The night will have the lights of suburbia winking back at me.  The red H E B will glow along with a few other neon signs.  In the distance are a couple of hospitals.  Somewhere in between is Andy's Frozen Custard.

There are trees, more than one would expect for Central Texas.  Beyond the trees are the distance open fields.  That is farmland.  Beloved farmland.  We ride in the early spring with the top down and enjoy the aroma of the freshly turned earth.  In the summer we will explore looking for crops ripening.  Maybe we will run across a hawk or some other interesting bird.  Or we may just ride, feeling the warm breeze surrounding us.

As we approach the edge of the horizon the land continues to gently roll on eastward.  Fewer trees, more farmland.  And another horizon to check out on another, cooler day.  A fall day during the weeks that are punctuated with soccer and football games.  When grandsons are in school.  When all the world is focused on new goals, new directions, and new learning.  In the fall when we all reach toward new horizons.
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