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Friday, June 26, 2015

summer concert

Carpe Diem #763 outdoor concerts

Forty six years ago one of the most famous rock concerts was held on a farm near a small New England town.  Say the word Woodstock and immediately flower children, hippies, pot, LSD, free love mixed with music and mud comes to mind.  The 1969 concert made the evening news for the shear numbers and the lifestyle.

Dubbed as the hippie/rebel by the mother, the moniker was a misnomer.  The scorching hot August weekends of 1969 were spent with the finishing touches to a new home under construction.  Sundays were for church and sponsoring the youth group in the evening.  Yes, there were short skirts and peasant dresses, hot pants and hot cars, longer hair and shorter nights.  Work and play.  Of course there was passion, after all, they were still little more than two years into marriage.

outdoor concert
on a blanket and a breeze
crickets and doves
©  Janice Adcock

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