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Friday, June 19, 2015


Yesterday Youngest grandson (who does not like to be called the youngest he told me) and I were sewing a flag for his soccer team at grade school.  The Hard Heads.  He fits right in with that description.  The flag was composed of a grass area made of camouflage, the players are denim and the background is red.  He wanted the soccer ball to be plaid.  I showed him how to cut out circles and the rest of the stuff.  Then after the demo he was given scissors to do the task.

The players were to be zigzagged after the 'grass' was attached.  Eyes would be zigzagged.  Youngest ran the pedal.  I was guiding the fabric and telling him when to stop the machine.   Eventually he wanted to do it himself.  I saw he was ready so I was attempting to get my slow body ready to move out of his way.  He impatiently said, "Granma, you don't trust me.  You need to trust me".  I assured him I trusted him as was getting myself out of his way.  He did quite well!  The thread broke due to a slight miscalculation that only experience will help.

In reading the usual blogs this morning one noted they had given a lift to a stranger.  A second blogger responded that showed real trust in the current 'clime'.  These two bloggers had met last year and spent time together touring Scotland.  The first blogger noted that it had taken trust on the second bloggers part to invite her into her home.  My response was simple, " I think the worst part of the current 'climes', as .... stated, is society has lost trust or faith in each other."

Not sure if I passed the faith test with the Youngest.  Only time will really tell ....

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