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Friday, October 18, 2013

Autumn T - 13

This year the leaves are not showing color as early as some years.  With this being our last year to live in the area I must admit I am disappointed.  Years past have presented wonderful fall colors.  Last year's blog post, Aux Arcs, included pictures of a Jeep trip with a small sample of the beauty in this area.  I have years of beautiful pictures of fall colors.  It is difficult to decide which to bore share with the Spin Cycle audience.
I will just use some I found on this hard drive.

Japanese Stroll Garden near our home, 2010.  This garden was developed
with the assistance of sister city, Isesaki, Japan.

Gene and his Jeep are in there somewhere, 2003.

There he is fording some stream in the Ozarks, 2003.  I was at work paying for the gas. )

2001 in Mark Twain Nat'l Park
Hercules Glades area.
Before good digital camera! 

The colors around here today were mostly on my table and mantel.  

The dogwood in the backgound is the one tree showing off this year.

No color showing except the roses.

Happy Autumn from my home to yours.

Second Blooming

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