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Monday, October 21, 2013

T - 10 Was A Packing Day

No, we are not packing heat, we were packing boxes and boxes and boxes of stuff.  Clothing, books, photo albums, stereos and other stuff.  Husband learned today that when packing one can grab plastic lids, plastic trays, etc to use between items instead of packing papers.  What a revelation to him that it serves double purpose.

Husband did get on the phone and was able to get our appointments set up with a new doctor in the area to which we are moving.  This is the first time we have had to change doctors since being old enough that our primary insurance is medicare.  For many, many years there have been doctors that do not wish to service more than a certain number of persons in the medicare system.  Surely understand that as one must meet one's expenses and pay off the high cost of a medical degree.  While my needs are not critical, Husband's needs are vital to his life.  After a near fatal clot in 2007 and another clot last September six weeks after knee replacement, INR monitoring is essential to his life.  We are thankful today to have found a doctor that has an appointment available soon after we arrive in Round Rock.

Today's post will not be long as we have two more sets of folks to say our byes to tonight.  There will be one last group planned event this Thursday.  After that it will be just the smattering of folks we see as we deliver items and buy more packing tape!  No lovely outdoor pictures nor Macro Monday pictures today, just boxes and boxes and boxes of stuff.  And piles of stuff to be documented and boxed.

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