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Sunday, August 10, 2014

You Do Not Have To Try

As I become more involved with blogging I continue to find memes that challenge me. Some challenge my skills lack of knowledge of photography.  Other blogs challenge my attempts at writing.  Yet others combine the two.  I am working on a set of how to's on the two forts I am making for Middle and Youngest grandsons.  That project has hit a wall or a door as the case may be.  How to attach the door on the tent fort so it hangs properly.  But I digress

The latest blog challenge I have been tinkering with is over at a fab blog named You'll Shoot Your Eye Out.  Kathy, the host of the meme, has some fun posts.  A great sense of humor laces through her posts. The meme Kathy hosts is titled Song-ography.  Kathy gives a song title that is to be the inspiration for your submitted photo post.  Tuesday's Song-ography title is "Try" by Colbie Callait.  Here is a link if you have missed this powerful song.

 Unadorned hands (except for rings of 2 wives and one widow).  

The toddler

The child

The tween

The Mom

The Grandma

The Great grandma.

All hold the stuff of life:  food, drink, clothing.
Any can be used to hurt or love.
Unadorned and beautiful.

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And click on over the Kathy's You'll Shoot Your Eye Out for some great posts.

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