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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Another Bit of Radio Silence

We are off on a short camping trip to one of the nearby state parks, Inks Lake.  We have both been itching to be on the road for a vacation and some camping.  We will have a cabin that has beds.  No water inside.  No cooking inside.  Fifty steps to the outhouse.  It has been six years since the last "big one", vacation that is.  That vacation was 6,000 + miles and six weeks long.  Oh! Canada was the destination for that one.  Inks Lake is only about an hour and a half from here.  Guess at 74 and almost 68 it might seem we are not quite as ambitious.  Really we are just wanting to explore this part of Texas for this year's adventures.  Look out next year!

Hubby's family is having a reunion in July, 2015, up in Minnesota.  We hope to go to Wisconsin during that trip.  That will leave only South Carolina to visit to have all of the lower 48 visited.  In addition we have been toying with an AmTrak tour of the west coast.  Who knows what next year will bring.  It surely is fun to think about it and plan!

Yesterday was spent organizing searching for campsite stuff.  For a couple of decades we had a "camp closet".  All things camping were organized in that one area.  After the downsizing and move to an apartment, OMG!  Things are strung out all over two storage rooms, closets, utility room and our son's garage!  Basically we had a scavenger hunt yesterday just finding items.  Never have found the bottles of propane.  They may be in son's garage, too.  Oh, well, it is only 7 minutes to his garage, 3 minutes to Gander Mountain and 2 to Wally World.  Think we will just hit Wally World after we vote.

As long as I am catching up on current events in the household, we went to the last football game of the season for Oldest grandson.  He fielded the opening kickoff and ran back for a few yards!  That was fun to see.  Later in the game, Bouncy as Son calls him, managed to get his helmet entangled in the helmet of the opposing team's runner.  Whatever it takes to get him stopped, I guess.

In writing all these thoughts and catching friend readers up on our activities, the reason for radio silence is there is no internet at the campsite.  So no posts for a few days.  This is WB0RSZ's XYL over and out for a few days.  Happy Camping everyone.

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