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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Forget Me Not

By the time a person reaches The Golden Years there have been many person crossing one's path.  Each workplace had folks that have been friends and acquaintances.  Childhood, school, college, grad school, organizations, children's friends, etc, etc, etc.....  Then there is the family tree that in my case become spliced into another family tree creating almost a forest of family to love and cherish.

Facebook has allowed re-connection with many folks from the different life phases.  There have been a few connections that have been a real joy.  Others I have been reminded why I chose to drift apart.  I realize there are still some holes left by friends with whom I have no connection.  How do I begin a search?  My OCDC kicks in to need a list.  The following are people I would like to have lunch with just to do some catching up with each other.

Childhood:  Beverly, Becky, Jo Ann.  We attended the same country school and church.  Bev's dad was as hard as my Mom.  Becky's mom and dad worked 'in town', meaning they neither farmed.  Becky's dad would drink and cuss.  My folks cussed but did not drink so Mom sort of turned her nose up at them .. a little.

School:  Next weekend I will be attending a holiday gathering hosted by a high school friend.  As there were only 14 in our class, two have passed away, there is a chance I might see a few of the 10 other graduates. No, one has already said he will be in Ireland, so just 9 possibilities.

Work relationships:  Cleatus, Carol, Flordia, Mike, Nancy.  Three different businesses.  One I could reach through a friend.  Exchanged Christmas cards with Flordia until her address changed.  And now mine has so chances are slim and none.  People that have been influences, roommates, friends and mentors that I would like to thank just one more time.

Organizations:  Faith communities, sorority and community organizations.  Ann, Donna Rea.  Ann will never happen cause her name changed and our lives went in vastly different directions.  Donna Rea in only a phone call away.

Instead of making a list, typing in the dark with a face lite only by the computer screen maybe I should just post this.  Then I'll close the computer screen and give Donna Rea a call.

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Thanks to The Spin Cycle Host Ginny Marie

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