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Monday, November 3, 2014

Tick Tock

It is Monday and my brain is not working.  We are leaving for a short camping trip tomorrow.  I cannot get my head wrapped around what I need to be doing for the trip.  We are not camping in a tent.  There is a building for sleeping but that is about it.  Cooking is to be done outdoors.  And it is supposed to start raining later today.

Of course it is going to rain, the Adcocks are taking a trip.  The 2005 trip had 21 of the 28 days with rain.  Some were just drizzles, others were open the floodgates!  Of course one of the floodgate days we were sleeping in a tent at Niagara Falls.  Wet and chilly.  Fast forward three years to the 6 week trip into Canada.  Hubby needed to walk every 90 minutes.  There were lots of umbrella/rain gear walks.  It rained or snowed about half of the time.  Thankfully we were in resorts or hotels for most of the rain/snow days.

I know we will not melt.  The rainy forecast does mean the Jeep has to have the top raised, windows installed and the doors put on again.  That means summer is officially over for us this year.  Maybe that is why my brain is broken today.  The cooler temperatures are certainly nice.  The moisture is desperately needed in this area.  But another summer has passed.  Another year crossed off our lives.  More of our family lost to the inevitable, death.

Next spring is my 50th year since my high school graduation.  It has been over 48 years since I first met Hubby's family in Missouri.  Forty one years since our son was born.  It has been 19 years since our only child graduated from college.  College, not high school, not middle school, college.  Fourteen years since the notification of the a grandchild on the way.  Twelve years since Hubby retired, eight since I did.  It has been a year since we left Missouri.  A month since my aunt died.  The timer says the coffee finished brewing 3 hours and 45 minutes ago.

For today I must wrap my brain around semi camping.  Not sure what I need to take so I'll do what I always fall back on when organizing, a list.  A list and another cup of coffee will get me in gear, well, hopefully.  And now the brain is whirling.  Do you see the smoke coming out of my ears?

tick tock 
crossing off
one second
at a time

©  Janice Adcock

My sister's 1955 wedding.  The same year as the above video.  I'm the kid on the far left.  I was 9.

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