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Saturday, November 15, 2014


After a week with a chest cold it was nice to not go and sit in the rain to watch a soccer game.  Of course that means son and three grandsons are on a Scout outing in the rain.  In the chilly rain in the mid 40's.  And it is not going to get better soon.  That is what Son is doing after being in Europe on business since last Sunday.  Returned home late Friday afternoon.  Not sure how he keeps up with this type of schedule.

TCU played the KU Jayhawks this afternoon.  As we are too cheap to even think about a cable subscription especially one that has ESPN, we watched, or at least followed the action, on  It is a cartoon type layout of a football field.  The plays are listed below with arrows, etc showing the location of the balls and possessions.  It works almost as good as listening to a radio, without all the noise.  And Whoot!  TCU pulled out a win over KU Jayhawks this afternoon.  That is the reason for the Whoot!

My husband has the Wisconsin Nebraska game on TV.  Holy cow it looks cold.  The snow is covering everything.  Fourth quarter with about 4 minutes to go, 17 to 59 Wisconsin.  Miserable for the Nebraska team, Most of whom do not have on long sleeves.  And people are still in the stadium, lots of people.  We in the States are a little .... insane over our sports.  At least Nebraska just scored one more TD.  Maybe everyone will get together and build a snowman shaped like a football player at the end.

A Saturday afternoon spent watching college football has been a tradition on and off for us.  For so many years Hubby worked on Saturdays so the tradition was back burnered (not a word).  Our sports fanatic son revived it during his teen years.  He left for college and the tradition again was not a part of my life.  Now, back in Texas where the air if filled with football fever as thick as pollen in spring, the tradition has returned.  Kinda nice to sit and watch Hubby cheer like a teenager for his favorite teams, TCU and Mizzou.

Here is to another great week to all my friends, family and followers that stop by for a visit.  Go Frogs!

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